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Boat Maintenance Tips on How to Take Care of Boats before Storage

It’s the end of boating season and you’re probably wondering what to do with your boat to make sure that it’s in tip top shape as soon as next season rolls around. With the excitement of a new season ahead, it’s easy to follow the proper boat maintenance tips on the first sunny day of the season, but what many boat owners don’t realize is that it is most important to follow a few tips on the last day of the season as well. The following boat maintenance tips are what we’ve determined to be the most important to ensure that our boats are healthy and ready to hit the water come the following season.

Clean with Marine Cleaner & Degreaser

The first of our end-of-season boat maintenance tips that we strongly suggest to all boat owners is to spend as much time as possible cleaning your boat from top to bottom. Now that boats are out of the water, it’s typical to see scum and grease buildup on all surfaces that spend most the time submerged in water. It’s important to avoid letting this buildup stay attached to your boat for the entire off-season while in storage. Spend a little extra time cleaning the areas that aren’t typically scrubbed after each use, such as the propellers and underside of boat using a strong marine bilge cleaner and degreaser.

Seal & Protect with a layer of EverShield Marine

Wondering how to make the end of season cleaning process even easier next year? Apply a strong, clear protective coat such as EverShield Marine, designed specifically to protect metal and fiberglass surfaces. By applying a coat of protection, rinsing your boat throughout the season and cleaning it for out-of-season storage is easier than ever. EverShield Marine provides a clear, protective barrier for watercraft so that harmful particles in the waters don’t attach to the boat’s surface. This makes the end of season cleaning process much easier and little to no scrubbing force is needed to remove residue like algae and pesky barnacles. For an avid boater, sealing your boat’s surface is one of our top off-season boat maintenance tips.

Polish Metal Surfaces

For those who like to see shiny metal and keep rust under control, we advise that metal surfaces are polished before end of season sealing takes place. There is nothing quite like a shiny metal surface that reflects the beautiful waters. ProPolish Plus keeps your watercraft shining for the whole season! Although newer boats may not need metal polish each year, it certainly doesn’t hurt to avoid future heartache as rust creeps over your watercraft. Take our boat maintenance tip and polish those metal surfaces before storing and sealing your boat!

Flush out All Water

Be sure ALL stale water is flushed out of every nook and cranny on your boat. The last thing you want to do is smell stale lake water on the first day of the next boating season! This boat maintenance tip may seem mundane, but we’ve smelled one too many “fishy” boats in our time. Give your boat a complete flush with fresh, clean water and then be sure that it’s completely dry before storing!

Change the Oil

Just like every car needs a routine oil change, don’t forget to change the oil in your boat each season. The last thing you want to do is explode your boat’s engine due to forgetting that much needed oil change. We include this in our list of boat maintenance tips because although routine, we know it isn’t always the first thing on our minds when storing our own boats away. Change that oil before storing your boat so that you don’t get held back doing it on the first day of the new season!

Apply an Epoxy Primer

One out of season boat maintenance tip that we like to slip in is to apply an epoxy primer every few years before applying paint or a sealant coat. You can view our short tutorial here for an idea of what it will take to cover your boat with an epoxy primer now that the season has ended. Make this step simple by using a spray gun technique for smooth and quick application.

We know that it’s not easy to “say goodbye” to your boat for the winter season, but it’s a part of what makes the next season so exciting. We just can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining your watercraft to ensure a long, fun life. After the previously mentioned boat maintenance tips have been followed, be sure to cover your boat and avoid letting harsh weather elements get to it during the winter. Although it takes some time, there is nothing more rewarding than keeping your boat at its best for the entirety of its life!

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