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How to Apply Boat Epoxy Primer & Sealant EverShield Marine

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

This 29 ft Grady White was hand-rolled with Stewart System’s EkoPoxy Primer, our waterborne two part epoxy primer and top coated with EverShield Marine, our clear wear-resistant coating. This application is being highlighted to show that this can be a great solution for an individual user who doesn't have the equipment, facility or ability to apply a spray base coat.

Up to this point all repairs, sanding, cleaning and taping off are complete, and all EverShield Marine instructions for proper cleaning procedures were followed prior to painting. The surface was lightly sanded to improve the penetration of the primer, which was rolled with 3/8” nap roller and brushed with a 3” varnish brush. Both EkoPoxy Primer and EverShield Marine can also be applied with a spray gun for an even nicer finished product and is our recommended application method.

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Note: dark and light spots show areas that were touched up and are drying at different times, but some roll marks remained. See images below.

Light sanding with 300 grit open coat paper, wiped with damp cloth and dried before applying second coat.

Second coat applied. Notice roll marks fading but still present. (Completely gone after 3rd coat. See images below).

Detailed sanding with 300 grit.

Rinsed and wiped with clean water and air dried.

3rd coat applied. Notice all roll marks gone.

Upper boat masked for spray application of EverShield.

Boat sprayed with 3 passes of EverShield using gravity fed HVLP finish gun with .5 mm tip.

After the final application of EverShield Marine had thoroughly dried (8-10 hours later, depending on temperature and humidity) the surface will not have the final silky smooth texture. At this point the surface should be wetted with Eko-Tech EverShield Marine Curing Rinse, and rinsed with clear water within three minutes, which will create a smooth, slick surface. Once treated with EverShield Marine, the hull will be resistant to growth of barnacles and algae buildup without the use of a toxic copper-based anti-fouling treatment. Algae will wipe right off and barnacles can be power washed off without scraping.

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Notice the surface shine on the end result.

Try EverShield Marine!

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