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Vehicle Metal Maintenance Tips for Protection and Prevention

It’s about that time again; time to prepare vehicles for the harsh winter weather that the North brings. If your car, truck, RV or trailer will be driven through the slush and damaging road salts, there are sure ways to protect the undercarriage and other metal surfaces from damaging rust. Allowing rust to creep along the metal frame is merely the first sign that a car is suffering from cosmetic and sometimes structural damage. Consider the following vehicle metal maintenance tips that will help protect a vehicle year after year, including all winter long.

Already Corroding? It’s not too late for Steal Conversion Coating

Our first vehicle metal maintenance tip is helpful if a vehicle has corrosion on its metal surfaces. Effortlessly convert the corroded areas to a smooth, paintable surface using steal conversion coating. This revolutionary substance stops the corrosion process on contact. Steal conversion coating will convert the existing corrosion “from ferrous (iron) oxide black ferric iron and creates an acrylic protective coating that can be left as is, or is suitable as a base (primer) for painting.” Just gently wipe away loose rust scales and the surface is ready for treatment. One quart of steal conversion coating covers between 75 and 125 square feet of surface area.

Polish Vehicle’s Metal Parts

Our second vehicle metal maintenance tip is to polish the metal surfaces of all vehicles regularly to keep rust from starting. ProPolish Plus is a two part metal polishing solution that both cleans and shines metal. Use the first part to prepare and clean the metal surface, while the second part produces a brilliant shine. Always take care of your vehicle’s metal areas and it should both last longer and look better!

Seal & Protect Car Metal and Undercarriage

Our third vehicle metal maintenance tip is a precautionary method to seal and protect the metal against the harsh elements. Each winter in the northern states wages further damage on vehicles of every kind. Many car, truck, plow and trailer owners forget or do not know the importance of applying a coat of sealant/protectant on a vehicle’s metal parts, especially the undercarriage. Snow and slush mixed with road salt climbs into every crevice of your vehicle during the winter and causes incredible damage. This is what makes sealing and protecting the metal surfaces so crucial. After polishing the metal, apply a high temperature protective coating to seal and protect it. Exhaust pipes especially benefit from a coat of high temp protection as it keeps the pipes both sealed and cooled.

If a protective coating is being applied soon after the metal surface has been polished, be sure to cleanse it with a mixture that removes residual oils left by the polish, such as EkoEtch.

Don’t let the fun of winter and snow be spoiled by a damaged car, truck or other vehicle. Enjoy the season, after all, it’s coming whether you care for it or not! Just don’t let the harsh weather creep up on your vehicle’s well-being. In summary of our vehicle metal maintenance tips, be sure to remove the rust from the metal parts, polish them, and then seal the metal surfaces of your vehicle before it’s too late!

Learn more about our auto protectant and polish, steel conversion coating and more!

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